Thursday, March 27, 2008

Several of weeks of going and going!

I don't have all my pictures back from the last few weekends. But I will hope to share these with you soon. We have had birthdays, going to the cabin, Tasha home for spring break, weddings, more birthdays, and friends that came to visit. So it has been pretty crazy.
I also have been getting weird comments on my blog, please stop who ever is doing this, it is a waste of your time, nobody in my groups wants to check your blog out. So STOP!!!
Everybody else thanks for your blogs, I really enjoy reading reading updates on your families. It is fun to see your pictures and what you are doing. Keep it up I love it.
Take care everyone!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008


It was Casey big 21st birthday today! I went over to Brittney and Casey's home for a little get together. It was fun. His family was there. And then my mother in law Phyllis came. It was funny, when Casey turned on some music and Trysten started to dance. It was a great time.
I hope he had a great birthday!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! CASEY!!!