Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Wedding

I forgot to tell you that in the wedding they used there dog or baby to
bring the rings in. After he got all hairy - he snapped his fingers and his
grooms man took lint brushes and got the hair off him. It was really funny.


I can't believe how many weddings that we are invited to this summer - I had one last weekend that is in these pictures - And I have two this weekend and another one a week from Friday - I tell you my girl's friends are keeping me busy. It is interesting to see what each person likes at their wedding - This wedding that I have put pictures on was at the same place Brittney was married. And it looked so difference. It was really simple but nice.
Wish me luck getting through all these. I shot one of the weddings next Friday- I hope it isn't so hot.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Next year! Can you believe it.

We are just trying to get some information out to the Clark/Jensen family. We are planning a reunion for us. If anybody has any suggestions let us know. We have talk to the Jensens and we are going to shoot for next Aug 2008. Just keep that in mind and I will get more information out to you when I receive it. Karen & Stephanie are planning it. But we are just getting ideas from all family members right now. We are checking on ideas for the reunion of where to go. We have several that are still feeling like we should just go to the cabin. But we have some checking on the coast and other places - have been mentioned like Disneyland, Lake Tahoe and places like that. So let us know if there is somewhere or someplace you want us to vote on. Hope you will all keep August a little open - it has been as that it is either the first of second week of August. So just to give you heads up!
I hope you will get excited and work it out to come. Love, daughter,mother,aunt, cousin and so on.

Monday, July 16, 2007


My family and I went to the cabin. It was a really hot weekend but we had a great time. We just were lazy and played games. We did go to the Playmill Theater and watch "Annie Get Your Gun!" It was well done! We enjoyed listening to the lady that played Annie - what a voice.
My mother in law Phyllis came with us. It was enjoyable to have her there. She did all that we did and more. But the funniest thing to watch was her teaching Trysten to go down the stairs. She taught all her grand children so now she thought she would work on the great grand children. It was great!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Pictures from Robert L. Clark Family

These are pictures from the Robert L. Clark Family from the reunion -
The first family in the picture is the Matthew and Suzanne Taylor from Logan - Then there is three people in the Gary Clark Family from Pocatello - the Robert and Ethel Clark - Then Kaye Clark - holding Daniel Wood - the last family is the Justin and Shauna Wood Family - with their boys - Daniel, Elliott and Cameron - What cute children huh!!!

Now the Carlson pictures from the reunion!

This is picture Aunt Maurine and her grandsons Richard and James Bindrup.

clark family reunion 07'

These are pictures from the Rodney Clark Family. Karen's family - Rodney and Kay and Callie and Dan Hatch Family at least some of them. And then the cool baby is my little grandson. What a cutie! He is so fun.

The 1st pictures I put on were?

People are asking me who are the pictures I put on the first family reunion blog.
I will try and explain to you?
The one little boy with something on his face is Nickolus Myers - Cindy Myers grandson - from Nelle's family and Amy is his mother.
James Bindrup - and Trysten McCurdy - James is Tami Bindrup Thorton - son and Maurine's grandson - Trysten is Karen Hill's grandson and Brittney Hill McCurdy's son. The baby is Daniel Wood - grandson of Jean Wood and son of Justin Wood.
The brother and sister's picture except Uncle Stephen - he had to run. Kay Clark and her great grandson Trysten. People playing volley ball - just an activity that we did and the slide that Cindy Myers and Carla Hunter got for the reunion. It was really fun. I hope this helps with the 1ST blog on the family reunion.



Sunday, July 1, 2007

Clark Family Reunion We missed you that didn't come!

The family reunion was one of the best. We had new faces - a lot of little ones. And we had the same faces. The fun thing about it is there were new things to see and do. The children like the face painting and balloons - with slides and a place to jump. The blow up toys were wonderful and fun for everybody to do and watch.
We missed all that didn't come and hope that you can come next year. I think that Uncle Stephen's family is doing it next year. I think that it will be in Pocatello. So set your plans to come.
The Bartletts family did all the work and did a great job. It was one of the reunions that was made for everybody. Food, Food and more Food - and Fun! The big F words. All ages could enjoy this one. Cindy and Carla over did themselves as usually but I think that everybody thought it was wonderful. This year we had hamburgers and hot dogs. And a lot of salads with great desserts.
It was fun to visit with all of you that came and I hope that you will come next year and bring more of your family. It would be fun to see a bigger crowd - we est. that their was about 65 or more there. That is great!! All take care and more picture of the reunion will follow. I love you all!!