Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I can't believe I forgot!!!

I had a flood in my basement, so I had to get rid of my couch
and a wonderful oriental rug my parents had given me. It made
me feel upset.
But after it was all said and done I went out and looked and
found a couch and love seat that I love. How ever I would
not work with the company again that I got it from.
Anyway, it has been fun getting new things. But I hated the
flood. We moved the couch I had upstairs I moved down
stairs. I also had Wayne Winters paint some of my mirrors.
My mirrors were so gold that I had them painted. I love them.
He did a great job.

Boy it has been a long time.

Talking about a lot that has happened since I have blogged.
Since I have blogged last lets see I have started having scrap
book workshops again in my home. I will probably have one
once a month.
I have planned a trip to Washington to help a friend that is
working on a project with her pictures. I have been working
on her pictures and going to her home to help her finish labeling
and organizing them in her office. I will go in April.
I took care of my grandchildren for a weekend. They are so
fun. But into everything. But I love them a lot. Casey and
Brittney went to Boise.
Went to 5th district cheer competition. Hawthorne placed third.
They had a lot of energy and the girls worked hard. We
are proud of them. Good job girls and coaches!!!
I have another niece in Arizona. This is a great niece.
Congrats!! Tiffany and Todd Bell I'm excited for you!!
Her name is Violet Tylar Bell - but they will call her Tylar.
My grandchildren are still doing swimming lessons and they
are doing really good. I laugh when I go and watch. They
get so excited to be there. I love it.
Well that is a few thing that we have been doing. I will
be putting some pictures in soon so that you can get a taste
of what we are up too.