Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Jalayne

Happy Birthday Jalayne! I hope you have a good


Monday, July 21, 2008

24th of July a few days early!!

Pocatello celebrated the 24th of July this weekend. So my girls, my grandson and I went to the parade. It was a short parade this year. But Trysten loved it and that is really who I went for. I think Natasha had a good time being with Trysten - and Brittney just relaxed and watched. I of course took pictures of a few things. Then that night we went to dinner with everybody in my little family. Then the boys went to play and us girls went to the High School Musical. It was showing at Idaho State University. This is one of Natasha's favorites shows besides that fact we all like musicals. So the whole day was really fun. Thanks for the weekend girls I had a great time.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The pictures I just posted.

The picture of Brittney and her friend Shantel - Shantel told me to call this the mother want to be. So I guess that is what we will call it. Then the picture of all the girls and me - these are the people that gave the shower. And then the others are fun pictures of things that happened at the shower. It was a full day. Most of my family we got sun burned but we didn't know till the party was over. Thanks again to those that helped and came. It was great!!!

A few more fun pictures from the shower!!!

Fun presents from friends and family!!!!

This gift is from Jena Wilcox, Brittney coaches at Hawthorne Middle School for cheerleading. She recovered her car seat for her to fit a baby girl. Awesome job Jena!!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Some pictures from the Shower!!!

Sorry no pictures right now - I will ask my assistant Natasha to rescue me once more. So stay in touch and we will get some pictures on soon.

A Partying Weekend!!!

This weekend we had a great baby shower for Brittney. It was fun and we had lots of friends and family share in this with us. We appreciate those of you that came and played with us and we missed those that couldn't come.
But we had great food, and fun - she got a lot of nice things which she appreciates a lot. There were really cute clothes, bedding and all sorts of things.
Natasha and a friend Shantel planned the shower well - and we appreciate those of you that stayed and helped in the set up and clean up. You helped a lot. It was great!!!!!
I will try and add some pictures of the shower so that you can share in the fun on the blog.
Hope all is well with all of you. Check in now and again ok!!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A little more of the weekend of the reunion!!! I hope more you come next year!!!!!

Pictures from last weekend Reunion!!!

This is just a taste of that weekend. I will give you more later. Have a great 4th of July everyone!!!!