Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Rodney Clark Family Dinner and Trip for my family

On the 11th of Nov. my family drove to Salt Lake. My mom wanted to have a dinner for all of her children, great grands and so on. We got together on the 12th of Nov, at my parents condo. They have a room there that you can use for events like this. Most of the family came (5 grandchildren were not there.) I miss seeing my family members. It was nice and it was great food and a lot of it. My mom always really well in planning meals like this. We were there together from 12 -4.
I wish that more of the grand children would of connected.
The best part was when we surprised my mom for her 80th birthday. Natasha - made a movie that was titled With Grandmother and then we gave her a willow statue - with grandmother. It was so fun. She had no idea. We watched the movie together and gave her the present. We laughed about some of the pictures and had a fun time remembering memories. I thank Natasha for taking the time to do this for my mom. I love to surprise people. And I think she was really pleased. I wish more of the family would of helped with getting us pictures. But I am glad that most everyone liked it. My mom's birthday isn't till Dec 23rd but we felt that we were all together that we needed to do it them. I loved it. Thanks Mom and Dad for working hard to keep your family together. I loved what mom said when she started the dinner. That we are going to be together forever as a family that we should care and love each other starting right now and staying together. I hope this happens we will see. I think that Satan is working hard on families together and not wanting families to stay in touch. But we will have to see. It has to be important to all sides. I will get some pictures on soon.