Thursday, January 24, 2008

Vacation - What fun!

I just got back for Washington, it was cold but I really enjoyed myself. I really needed a relaxing vacation. I went to see a friend that lost her husband a month ago. We scrapbooked, and shopped, and enjoyed great places to eat. I need these kind of vacations more often. Plus, I had a great place to sleep and enjoy. I loved it. Now it is back to the life of a worker.

My Nephew on the court

Thursday, January 3, 2008

We made it to 2008!

The year 2007 was a full year. I was glad that there were a lot of things that were great that happened. My parents 50th wedding anniversary, I got spend time with my brother Cole, and see my other brother Kevin which I wish we could spend more time with. And then seeing my whole family together at one place. If I could of added more pictures in this blog I would of put more. Like see Courtenay my niece that is home from college. It is always fun to see her. And Jaclyn and Kevin. Then I loved the party in Salt Lake with all of my brothers and sister and our families. What fun this was!!!
But I want you to know more of all that I'm thankful for is the time I get to spend with my two best friends my girls. I could not ask for two of the best girls. They take care of their mom pretty well. We have a good time together. We played phase 10 one night and I think we laughed a lot. Then the next time we played Casey came and we laughed a lot then. It was fun. I appreciate my family making time to be with me. I also love playing with my little grandson Trysten. He is got a great personality, and the words that he is learning are so fun. We have to laugh when he shares new words with us. He is the most loving child and I'm grateful for this. I am glad that he loves people. When I come into his house, he runs for me and hugs my legs. It makes may whole day! You can't feel down when you are with him, because his smile lights the room. Thanks goodness for this. I appreciate my family. And hope we are always close!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

More Memories of 2007


These are fun memories of the year 2007, I'm sure that we have all them. I'm just glad that I have children and a grandson that cares about me. I hope that everyone in 2008 will care about others, and put a big smile and compassionate feelings in your heart. I think that if you listen to the LDS conference this is what the prophets are telling us. Care for your neighbor, those that don't have what you have, and then be nice and caring to your families. I think that if we forget these things then we need to either read the ensign or listen to the church talks again. This world keeps us so busy that I think until Christmas comes around again that we forget this. We need to keep these things in our hearts all year round. How hard is this to do one small task each month as a family. My family found a family thats father was in the hospital for Christmas. We didn't know the family. But we read about them in the newspaper. Checked out the situation and then did some acts that could help them. How warm we felt. It isn't the big things that you do it can be small. But my family felt that this is what Christmas and love is all about. I'm not telling you this to get a pat on the back but I just want you to know that it made my family think about others and what they don't have. It made them know that others need compassion once in while. It was a special experience for all of us.
I also want you to know that it doesn't have to be a large thing, it could be a note to a sister that you know is going through a hard time, it could be taking somebody for walk and just listening, it could be shoveling a walk for somebody in your ward, it could be talking to somebody that is having problems in their family with one member or another. It could be doing something with a extended family member that you don't know very well, like going snowmobile or some activity that know that they like, sometimes listening is all people need. A little of your time that is all. This also made be remember when my father would have us deliver fruit boxes at Christmas how fun and compassion this was in my youth. I'm not perfect at this. This year I'm going to work at this and see if it takes me back to that warm feeling that my family had at Christmas. It was a great feeling! Life is to short that we need to make sure that we care for each other. Life can be hard and so a little more caring and understand, forgiving is what I think we all need to use in our lives. There are so many bad things that are going on in this world, and we need to be their for others. I shared a story that my hometeacher brought to my family. So I shared it with my family of somebody in a grocery store that help an older lady that was having problems paying for her groceries. This is a big thing but the lady behind her helped her out without a big fan fare or anything. How special is this. This is just something for you to think about. Have a a great 2008!!!!