Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Boy what a rough week!!

Hey fam.

It has been a hard week for my family. Brittney got a really bad infection. She has been down for the last few days. We hope that you will keep her in your thoughts and prayers. The first day that we went to the doctor we just thought it was a kidney infection - but the infection was worse. She had 2 shots and is on a antobitic by mouth down. Her white blood cell count was off the charts. So they were really worried about her. They told her if the shot didn't bring down her count that she would have to be put in the hospital. Any to make a long story short, she is home and doing better. Her count went down enought so that she can stay home and can quit the shots. But this week will be just time for her to take it easy and get back on her feet. So just keep her in your prayers and thoughts please. And her little family. I have been able to be with her the last few days and help with Trysten he is so cute. Grandmothering is great!!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

One year today! Brittney was a new bride!

I can't believe it has been a year since we saw Brittney
and Casey married. The time has gone fast. Lots of changes
in our little family. They are on a little honeymoon trip
and so I have their son Trysten. He is so fun and has a lot
of energy. But you could say it keep Grandma young.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

one more time!

I have a friend that lives on the Snake River and that is where these were taken. Everybody seemed tired. My grandson usually is a real happy baby but today he just didn't get a good nap. Those naps are really important. My son in law wasn't feeling very well. So you can see why this wasn't the best for my family. But we are still going to see what we can do to have a family picture this year.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Boy! Crazy and Exciting Weekend!!!

This week Pocatello welcome home a fallin soldier - Nickolus Gummersall. Brittney knew his sisters. She either cheered or played soft ball with them. So we went to the funeral. It was a great memorial service for a wonderful, brave man. How hard for his family.
After that we went to the mall to get some things for Natasha. Natasha moved to Logan, Utah this weekend. She is going to go to Utah State. I think it will be a great adventure for her and a wonderful experience.
But before we could move Natasha, we went to a pagnent for Trysten, he ran for Mr. Western King at the Bannock County Fair. He was so cute. He wasn't sure about it the first time he went on stage. But it got better as he had to go on. HE WON! He got a medal for being best dressed, a trophy for Mr. Western King. And a trophy for overall. That is great for a 16 month old. It was pretty fun.
Natasha is getting settled and going to check out the area this week and then next week she will start school. So email her. First time living away from home.
You can do wonderful things Natasha!!! Go for your goals!

Monday, August 13, 2007

More pictures of our weekend!!!

Busy, Busy, Weekend!!!

My family had a big busy weekend. What a crazy time. We ran from one thing to another. But we got to do a lot of fun things with each other. And meet a lot of new people. It was great. I finally got to meet my great nephews! They are such cuties!!
We had a wedding that I took pictures of. But I don't have them back yet. I believe the old fashion way to take pictures it good. I don't like totally digital yet. I need to find out some better printing. But hopefully one day I will. So the pictures of the wedding are what Natasha took.
Brittney is an assistant coach at the middle school for cheerleading. She loves it so Natasha, Trysten and I went to watch them in the Chubbuck Day parade. They did a good job.
We also had family pictures because Natasha is moving to Logan. We went to a friend of mines home and took them by the Snake River. We haven't gotten all those back yet either. I hope they turn out. I didn't get to take it so I will have to see how it goes.
Then Monday, I took pictures of the two girls that have lived with me this summer. My daughter Natasha and Sara Lee. It has been nice. Easy girls to live with. They are always on their computers. Ha! Ha! But I got them to do some things for me. My office is getting organized. I have had them filing for me all summer. So I will miss these girls this fall. But they are going onto bigger adventures than living here. I wish them both well.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Feet for a picture for your living room wall yes!

My friend wants to get this printed in a long picture in black and white. She has imprints of her children's feet and she will put them on a shelf and then put the picture over them. I didn't really think as a photographer that I would be just taking feet. It was pretty fun. I guess we will see how it turns out. I think it is a fun idea. We are doing a little bit of clearing things on the picture first. That is what is so nice about some programs on the computer. To fix what we don't want to see.

The weekend is here again with more weddings!

We have to split my family up this weekend to go to some weddings. Natasha and I are going to be in Idaho Falls all day. While Brittney and her family will be in Pocatello. We just have to many weddings. Natasha and I are helping with her old roommates wedding. I'm the photographer and Natasha is setting up the reception. I'm glad I'm the photographer. Then Natasha and I are going to run over to another one of her friends receptions after the pictures of the first reception. Brittney and her family are going to stay in Pocatello and go to one of her friends receptions. So this weekend we will hit them all. We will try and share pictures about it later.
The a parade tomorrow with Brittney's cheerleaders. And then we are going shoppping. We are suppose to have our family pictures take by the Snake River this weekend and I don't know what to have everybody wear. So we are going looking. It should be fun with 3 women and a baby picking things out. But with Natasha moving and everybody getting busy this fall, and a friend who said that we could come to her house on the snake river and take pictures we are really excited and decided to just do it.
Then Sunday probably back to Idaho Falls, we my nephew is blessing his twin boys. I hope to finally meet my great nephews. They live in Washington, so they probably will not know who their great aunt is. But it will be fun to meet them this weekend. Then to the snake river to get the pictures taken and then home to relax. I hope. Then Monday to work. The full circle. Well I had better go get ready to run to Idaho Falls, Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I don't know where to start!

My family has been so busy. We have had something every weekend.
Mostly weddings, but this weekend Brittney is a coach and so we
are going to watch her in a parade. I thought I was done with
cheerleader but Brittney has taught me that is just my lot in
life. But the best part about it is that I get to watch my grandson.
My family has also visited the moving wall. It is name of people that
have died for our county. It was kind of moving as we walked through
the display. It was moving to watch people rub a name off on to a piece
of paper of their loved one with a crayon. And some displayed pictures
of their loved one below where their name was displayed. It was interesting
and at the same time sad. But it was amazing that they displayed in
little old Pocatello. Most people can only see if they go to Washington D.C.
Well Natasha leaves for Logan in a week and I have mixed feelings. But I'm
excited for her to start a new adventure in life. She will do well and have
a good experience. We know a lot of people that have been there and they have
loved the experience. So I'm sure she will be no different. I wish her
well and fun, and hard work to grow and develop in her goals.
Well this is my update and I hope that you will let me know that you are out there.