Saturday, November 6, 2010

Two Fun Days With My Mother and Me!!!

Marker for the Willey Family Plots

Taken in Mendon, Utah

My mother and I decided it was time to spends a few days of doing genealogy. We had a great time going from place to place.
On Thurs. afternoon we drove to Mendon, where we found some grave of my mom relatives on her father's side. It was the smallest cemetery that I had visited but had the best map that showed where everyone was buried. This helps when you are doing genealogy. I love it.
The it was getting late so we went to my niece's home to see her family. We got there and their baby gave up. Iwas sad that I wasn't able to see him.
After a subway sandwich, we headed to my parents condo and stayed the night. Friday morning we got up early and started off to check out some more history of my mom's family.
It was a gold mine that we hit. We found graves, saw the cabin where my great great great great grandfather lived and his second house. Got a lot of history from a nice lady that helped us to see the little cabin.
We also went to my g,g,g,g, grandfather's second home - where we were in luck, the people that lived there were just coming out and we got to talk to them for a while. They gave us a disk of journals, pictures and such. It was so exciting. What a day.
Then we went to see my nephew's family. He was at work but got to see 3 of his 4 children. It was fun. But I had not see the little girls since they were just about a month old. So I was sad that I did'n't get to meet everyone again. Avri was a sleep but the others were fun to play with and watch.
It was a full two days of a great visit with my mom.

Friday, October 22, 2010

The last of the fun pictures for this weekend.

Grandma's playroom at my house. I love it!

Phyllisha, Brittney and Misty - visiting

Natasha made Brittney's birthday cake - good
job Natasha. We appreciate it.

We had a full week and weekend. Please scoll down to see
the fun pictures of many of my family and friends.
I hope that you had a great birthday!!!! It was great to be with all of

Brittney's Birthday 24 years old

My girls with my parents - I'm glad they came.
My mother in law Phyllis with my neice Phyllisha and her family
Aspen and Alexya.

My parents Rodney and Kay Clark with
my grandson Trysten

My girls with my mother in law Phyllis

Natasha made the birthday cake for Brittney
Thanks Dear!!!

Brittney's new outfit, She looked so cute. I love her skirt.
Mother and her cute kids. Baylee was so tired.

Good job Trysten. Your program was so awesome. I'm glad that you go to church with me. You are such a good boy!!!

I love this dress on Baylee, she is getting so big. I love you a lot.

More fun Memories with Family!

Visiting with my nephew and family.
We went to Chuck a rama wit them. Baylee had a good time teasing Tara.

Baylee chasing the dogs at Steven and Tara's new home.

Awesome new bed that Tara's brother built for them. It is so high but great!

Steven and Tara's new living room, I love the built ins!!

Steven new home. It really turned out nice.

This is a special wall at my sister's home. I love it. What a great idea!!!

Brittney's new outfit that her husband got her for her birthday!!! Great job Casey!

Busy!!! Busy Weekend!

This was very fun. I wish my mom could of been there. But maybe next time. This was really fun, Just the four of us

More fun Memories

Celebratin Veterans Day, in the Holt Arena, the schools do this every year.

A lot going on in my family!!!!

Nana come home for a short visit.
Joy's birthday at my house!

Courtenay came to visit. It was so fun. She is great!

Trysten's 1st day of school!