Thursday, April 26, 2007



These pictures of more of the Institute Graduation!



Brittney, Trysten and I went to Salt Lake last weekend. Brittney was in a marathon 5 k. She says that it doesn't sound very far but it was far enough. These are the girls that she ran with Pam Peck and Beth Bartlett. Beth is the one that got them into this. She does it every year with her work. After we did the marathon we went to breakfast with my brother Kevin - his girls didn't get up. Then off to Kim and Chris Lucherini's house - I finally got to get a picture with my great nephew. It was fun to watch Elliott and Trysten play and check what the other one was doing. Costco and then Layton Mall and home. We were so tired when we got home. And the weekend wasn't done. On Sunday, Natasha graduated from the Institute program at Idaho State University. We surprised her with some of her friend coming to dinner and then off to the meeting it was really nice. More coming later.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

New items in my home!

I had my first real decorator come to my house today.
It was fun to see all the ideas that she brought when we
get some of my rooms done I will have to put a before and
after in the blog. It was really great and fun.
Hope all is well with you and I want you to know that
Natasha is really excited about graduating from the Institute
this weekend. It was one goal that she really wanted to do.
I want you to know that I'm really proud of her.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Pictures and More Pictures!!

The pictures of Trysten in his high chair - he likes

to sit up in the high chair at the counter and watch

grandma cook and clean.

These were at my birthday party Red Lobster!!

A lot of things have happened in our family.

Just a few pictures to show what we have been up too.
Natasha's pictures was taken at my birthday.
Then next few are of Trysten at Easter, my birthday
at Red Lobster, his birthday. These were all fun times.

New fun Seat!!!!!

Trysten finally got enough weight to get a new carseat.

He got in and was so excited about it. He could see and

know that he was not a lone. Laying down was not his

thing. So he loves to see and he has a cup holder so

he can get his own bottle. He just smiled and smiled

about it.

Sunday, April 8, 2007


I am ordering some of the anniversary pictures this week if anybody
wants to order with me. Just let me know.


It was really fun in my neighborhood yesterday. A lady in my ward took it
on herself to an Easter egg hunt for the children. She divided the streets
into age groups. On my street we had 7-8 year olds. A week ago she passed out
the plastic eggs and told us to fill them. Then on Saturday the 7th of April
before 11:30 we were to go out in the front yard and hid them. Then those who
wanted to hunt met at her home at 11:30. The rule was that you could only hunt
on the street that your age group was on. She did it from 0-8 years old. It was
fun to see how the children reacted to the situation. I took some pictures but
didn't have my other camera ready to show you the picture of it. I will have to do
this when I get them developed.
Speaking of cameras - what camera do you all have that you use? I would like to
get a different, smaller camera for our next trip. So would you give me advice about it.
The pictures that you all take for blog are nices one. However, we all know that Aunt
Karen takes a lot of pictures so I would need to have one that I could take a lot.
Well have a great Easter- Grandpa and Grandma Clark, Natasha, Casey, Brittney, Trysten and I are all going to have an Easter dinner together. We hope you all remember this day
and enjoy whatever you do. Love Aunt Karen

Saturday, April 7, 2007

What a day?

What a day! Natasha, Brittney, Trysten and I went to Logan. I had forgotten
how wonderful Logan is. I miss the mountains in Utah. It was such a great
day with the mountains and sun and friendly helpful people. Plus it was a great
to be with my girls and Trysten.
We spent an hour and 1/2 with Natasha advisor which tells her what she has to take
for her first semester. Plus what she has to do for the major.
We went to see the apartments - Riverside and Carolina. They are nice.
Natasha will have her own bedroom and bathroom. They are great size rooms and
bathroom. It is great!
She will live across from the Stadium. It isn't to far from the building that she will
have to go to a lot. We still have a lot to learn about the campus but that is okay.
It will be a new adventure for Natasha. Any suggestions about Logan, Campus or
fun in Logan, let Natasha know ok.
We also found out that she has a lot of stores there. We will have to change a few things
that Natasha knows but it will all work out. There isn't a Walgreens but we can move her
medicine. We didn't find her bank there. So a lot of new things. We found out that her church
is right behind her apartment. It will be great!!!!
Brittney is doing good. Trysten is good. Trysten is learning something new all the time. He still doesn't like to try to walk - he gets around fast on all fours. He is a fun baby!
Remember Natasha has her own blog now - so check it out! Have a great EASTER!!!!
Love Aunt Karen

Thursday, April 5, 2007

The family has a lot going!!!!

I can't believe that my family is changing all the time. Can you believe that Natasha is growing up and moving away from home! We hope to have a great summer before she moves to Utah State. I never thought my children would live in Logan. But to be honest I never thought about it. I spent a lot of my child hood time in Logan staying with some friends of ours - it was like having another set of grandparents. I think that Natasha will love Utah State - we go tomorrow to check on housing and talk to her advisor. We will see what we can find out.

Trysten, is so fun. He is trying to learn how to walk with a push toy he got from his great grandma Bobby Davis at Christmas. He makes sure that everybody is watching him. It is funny! I love to watch him learn new things and find out what he can do. I'm glad that I get to see him a lot.
Monday, his mother being a pet lover and knowing that they can't have dogs or cats, decided that they needed a pet. So now Trysten has his first pet - fish. He loves to watch them - he gets really excited about seeing them in the little tank that I got for him. Nobody wants to clean out a bowl every day. So the tank is in his room. He loves it.
We want to wish Ashley a Happy Birthday! And tell her to have a great day! You will have to let us know what you get for your birthday Ashley!
It was also fun to see the pictures of the twins. Taylor needs to quit being so shy so we can see him better like Braxton. Hang in there Ashley. It will be so fun to hold those little boys when it is time for them to come.
Love Aunt Karen

Sunday, April 1, 2007

new link for everybody!

Natasha decided to do her own blogspot. So now you can put her on your link- - there you good new fun!

Conference on Saturday

I would say that most of the talks were really directed. No
beating around the bush. Jeffrey Holland spelled it out to
all of us on how we should be treating everyone. He could not
of spelled it out anymore clear. I remember in most conferences
they don't spell it out quit so clearly. Or at least maybe it was
to my little level of brain waves. But I could not believe how he
hit all aspects of life. Men and women, parents etc....
It was also cool to be able to hear the prayer on the tabernacle
getting rededicated. I thought that was a wonderful experience
of hearing our Prophet give a prayer on the tabernacle. I miss
having that building shown at the conferences. I have slept around
temple square to get into the conference and so it was neat to have
the conference in that building. How profound was the conference
yesterday. I enjoyed it and plan on watching it again today. I hope
most of you will too.

My birthday

I just wanted to take a minute and thank those who called me or

emailed me on my birthday. I had a good one. The office got me

flowers, pizza and a card. My children and some friends went to

dinner with me at Red Lobster. My parents were going to come

but the weather decided to turn bad. It is better to be safe than

sorry. So I missed them. But they gave me dinner. I got a lot of

birthday emails and a few friends called me and sang to me. That

was interesting. Thanks guys. My brothers were late but finally

called me. So I can say that my 45th birthday was pretty good.

Thanks to all of you.