Wednesday, December 17, 2008

25 years!

Today would of been my 25th wedding anniversary. It is amazing how much has happened since that special day, when I married my husband Phillip. He has been gone for 22 years. And we have two beautiful daughters and two awesome grandchildren. My family and I are going to dinner tonight and celebrate our family that was started 25 years ago. It is bitter sweet this time of year for me. But this is a way that we can remember the special man that Phillip was, and how his family can share things about him. My mother-in-law will be with us and my girls like to ask us about their dad. This is a good healthy thing to do with my girls.

I miss him more than anybody will ever know. He was one that loved people for who they were not for who they were not. This is a special item that made people love him. It didn't matter what mood anybody was in, or what they looked at, or what they did for a living, if they went to college, or if they were mean to him. He loved them and hoped that they would have a great life. So this is a special thing. We all need to put this love into our lives.

I miss you!!!! Love you Phillip!!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Yesterday evening, Brittney, her children and I went down and surprised Natasha. She had made a goal to sing a solo sometime in her life. And last night was the first time. It was nice. She worked hard on it and did a great job. I think that after we surprised her she was really nervous but we loved hearing her. Brittney said that she had never heard Natasha sing by herself and she was glad that she went.

After the fireside, we went to the Olive Garden it was super. I love that place. We all were pretty hungary by then. So it was fun. But I think this Grandmother and Mother isn't made to stay up this late. But all in all it was so fun to hide until and then walk in the chapel and surprise Natasha.

Jalayne my niece came and it was nice of her to support Natasha. It was fun to visit with her and she what she has been up too. Thanks for coming Jalayne.

What a fun night!!!! Thanks for going with me Brittney and Kids!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008


This picture was taken at the wedding reception we went to for my cousin!!! It was at a beautiful church out of Idaho Falls. They turned the church into a reception hall. It was nice! But this picture I just thought was so cute!!!!
These two just thought dancing was so fun. They didn't mind that we were all watching. What cuties!!!! I wish I could of got the picture better. But it still is fun!!!

Other fun pictures from this weekend.

This is a long post. I have done two tonight so scroll down and check all of it out ok!!!!

What a full week last week!!!!!

I worked until Wed. Then I thought oh Boy!!! I get a long weekend. But Thurs came and I blogged what my daughter and I did on that day. And then Friday, Natasha and I got a lot done and had a good day. My brother Cole came up and saw us from Friday - Sunday.

Then Saturday, was a big day. My little family got together and had dinner and decorated my house. My girls will never know how much I love it when they come and decorate my home. It is so nice not to do it a lone. They do such a great job. And it is fun to see how excited Trysten gets about the tree. This year I got some snowmen to put in my yard. They are so fun. I'm glad I finally broke down and got some. They are fun to see. The children around my house love them.

Sunday, I was asked to get a talk in the combined meeting for Relief Society and Priesthood. It was suppose to be in Indexing. I'm been doing this for the church for the last few months. I have done over 15000 names and feel pretty good about it. I love genealogy and have learned a lot about other members of my family. I have had a good time finding out things about people that came before us. What a great history lesson! I hope that you will try and learn from others in our past. And that you will check out genealogy. It is interesting. Any way out ward had a goal to index over 99,999,99 names before stake conference - last month we had hit. 66,666.66. So I'm sure that we are almost there. We picked this number because we are the 9th ward. So I hope that I will find out that we have hit the goal now. Jan. 14 is when we were suppose to hit it. So I think we will pass that. Any way, the talk went well and I'm glad it is done.

Well I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving weekend. And if you are in my family don't for get to keep Brenda Kunz, Ryan Bindrup and Katelyn Evans in your prayers. These are people that are sick in our family and we need to remember them. Take care and you all keep in touch!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Day!!!

It was a full day for Natasha and I. Brittney and her family were with Casey's family this year. And they were really missed. I miss when my family isn't all together. So Saturday will be our day!!
Anyway, Natasha and I went up to Callie and Dan's for dinner. It was a small group this year. It was Callie, Dan, Clark, Jalayne, Julie, Grandpa and Grandma Clark and us. And then Kim's family came later. It was a super dinner. Some of us went in the Living room and talked about children when they were little, and other memories we had. It was really funny. We also watched Callie and Jalayne move around so that Grandma could play with their hair. Then Natasha played with Grandma hair, and Dan, Mickie, Jalayne fell asleep on the floor. Grandpa and Julie were asleep on the other couch and floor in the family room. And so that was the afternoon.
About 5:oo, Natasha and I went to Misty and Mike Taylor's home. Misty is my niece on the Hill's side of the family. We just talked and took pictures which I hope to have for you all soon. It was fun to see all of them.
Thanks Callie and Dan and Misty and Mike for the invite to your Thanksgiving Day!! It was fun.
I hope everyone had a great day!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008



Taking care of two children!

Boy! I took care of my two grandchildren last night so that their parents could go to the Highland game. It was crazy. Baylee did really good. But I have forgotten how crazy a 2 1/2 year old can be. He wanted something about ever two minutes. He is so cute. And I love it when he says Grandma, thank you. We had a good night with lots of fun and never a dull moment. They are both doing really good.

Monday, November 10, 2008

A few more fun pictures of activities!!!

This picture was taken when Baylee got blessed at the luncheon we had. And the other pictures were taken on a trip to West Yellowstone. It was a nice trip for the six of us to go on. It was fun to see Trysten really getting excited about hot water. He was cute!!!!!

To catch up some of the pictures I have taken or my family has taken!

This is Trysten in his outfit for Halloween. He loves Curious George!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New pictures of Baylee - my cute granddaughter!!!!

Baylee was bless on the 12th of Oct. And she was so beautiful. She as blessed in the same dress at her mother Brittney and Aunt Natasha. It is so fun to have grandchildren. Of course, she is growing like a weed. Enjoy these pictures, we just got them back from Sears. No these I didn't take but I'm sure I will take a lot.

This one really looks like her mother when she was that age.

Remember this family in your Thoughts and Prayers!

These are special pictures of this family. My cousin was just told that she has leukemia. So we are hoping that you all remember her and her family in your prayers.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


We just wanted to say a big Happy Birthday to Chris Lucherini!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008



Sunday, October 5, 2008

Conference Weekend! Family Fun!!!!

It was a full weekend. Natasha came home and we had a good time, we worked on pictures and getting things organized in my house. I'm working hard on getting things organized in my genealogy section at my home. I'm learning how to index for the our ward. It is good and it is hard for me to quit doing it most nights. I'm trying to do 500 people each month for the goal that our ward has set. We have a goal to get a lot of names done before stake conference. I hope that I can stay doing it and help the program. Genealogy is has been a good project for me. I hope to put individual pictures of everybody that is in my family group sheets on them. It is a big goal but I hope all of you will help me doing this by sending pictures. I was thinking a nice young picture of all of us that are over 40 and then some fun nice senior pictures of missionary pictures of others.
Also we took care of my cute grandchildren for a few house. And had a good visit with my mother in law Phyllis. She came up and listened to conference with us on Sunday and had dinner. So did a friend of Natasha's Becky that is going to ISU.
I also made time to get an afghan done for Baylee's blessing that is next week. We are hoping to make it a special event. So next weekend will be busy also with some family coming in. Baylee is getting so fun - she is smiling and making fun baby sounds.
Trysten is becoming a big helper and learning that soft is hard for boys to do when it comes to little sisters. But we are all working on it with him.
We hope all of you are doing well and we hope to hear from you soon
That is weird part of my blog is underlined and some of it isn't sorry about that. But you get the idea of our weekend.
The topics on conference were so good. They talked a lot of being good to each other, families, and missionary work. I think these are great things for all people to work on. Family is really important to me and it is hard for me to not be close to some of my family. But it is great that my girls and myself are close and I hope we can stay that way.
The world is hard and we need to be willing to fight to help our families stay close and work to help our neighbor. I hope I can always do this.
Well have a great week everybody.