Wednesday, September 26, 2007

trip to Florida!!!!

The week of the 13th of Sept I was able to go to Orlando to visit a friend. We wentto the Gaylord Palms to stay. It was so beautiful. They had a convention center attached to the Hotel. We went to some uplifting talks and I learn a lot of what studies are out there about our health. It was so interesting.
One of the pictures I put on was a father and son. The son is 45 years old, the same age as me and he can't use his voice, arms, hands and legs. He told his dad that they only time he didn't feel handicap is when he would run behind him. So his father 20 year ago started work hard (age 40) and decided to do marathons to give his son some time of not feeling handicap. Rick is the handicap guy. He talks to people using a computer. He has graduated from Boston University and work for them. He has his own apartment. Then he does marathons and triathons with his dad. They raise money to find a cure for his handicap. They are so fantastic and postive. They just did the Ironman in Hawaii. There last name is Hoyt - they have a website Check it out. They are amazing! How many fathers could say they would do this for their son? It is awesome to hear them talk about what they do. It is great.
The other pictures are picture of where I stayed. It was like a city in a city. We never really hard to go outside. It was so awesome. It was fun to be with 4 ladies and just visiting, laughing and learning a lot.
We went and hear a doctor talk about serving. He has study serves and health. He believes that those that serve others have a more whole life. He has done a study that he feel proves this. It was awesome to hear that we need serves in our world. I think that most people get to busy and forget that even our own prophet and leaders in our church talk about his. Now we have doctors and scientist are studying this subject also. How awesome is that?
It was a great trip, I need to do this more often. I had a great time except the flight home. It was just long for me. But all in all it is good to be home. I had some people I really missed. I bet you can get who they were.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sunday, Morning!!!

Sunday I went to a blessing for my friends' baby. They named her Andee Kay Christensen. She is a really pretty baby. I also got to see my other friends baby Tanner Christensen. They named their baby Cody Tyler. So it was a weekend of holding cute babies and visiting friends and families.
Hope you weekend was great everybody!

I forgot to explain the twins - there were twin boys

The twin boys were some friend of Misty's. They were so cute. I could not tell them a part. One's name wad jayrom, and one was trayson. It was fun to hold little ones again.

The last thing on Saturday - A House Warming Party!

The last thing that we went to is my niece was having a house warming party. It was fun to see her new home. It was big. Her bathroom was like the size of a bedroom. It was great. It is a three level home. We ate with them and then headed back to Pocatello from Idaho Falls. Trysten played really hard with all the children. It was a fun day but a long day.
Tomorrow is going to be a big day too. So I had better hit the hay.


Brittney was getting cabin fever, so we went up to the fair for a little while. It was so fun to watch Trysten getting excited about the animals. He just couldn't get enough of them. He wanted to touch everything. My mother in law Phyllis went, and the of course Brittney's family and me. We missed Natasha but she was camping with some friends. We hope she had a great time.



On Friday night, Brittney, Trysten, Casey and I went to see my nephew Clark playing in the Holt Arena. He is fun to watch and so we went to support him. Idaho Falls and Highland play. Sorry to say that Idaho Falls lost this one. But Clark was great!
Then Brittney is a coach for cheerleading at Hawthorne Middle School, one of her cheerleader's brother's was killed in the war. So they retired his # 47 at Century High School. It was really sad. But Nick Gummersal is one that won't be forgotten.
Also one of my friends' daughter is in her first year at Highland. She is a cheerleader and it was her first preformances in the Holt that I went to support her too. I took care of three things in one night. It was fun. Great job everyone!

Sunday, September 2, 2007