Saturday, April 26, 2008


I was tagged by my niece Jalayne.
1. Your Hair? Brown
2. Your Favorite thing? family
3. Favorite Drink? hot choc.
4. Room You're in? bedroom
5. Your fear? being alone
6. What do you want to be in 10 years? retired
7. One of your wish list items? my family trip
8. Where you grew up? Pocatello, ID
9. Last thing you did? play cards
10. What are you wearing? pjs
11. Your pet? dog
12. Your Life? overwhelming
13. Your Mood? tired
14. Missing? a spouse
15. What are you thinking about right now? thinking about my long todo list
16. Your summer? exciting
17. Your relationship status? single
18. School? everyday living
19. Soup? chicken noodle
20. Motto: you can do it if you try

I tag who ever is reading this.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I was surprised~!

It was fun how Brittney and Casey told us they were having a girl. We (Trysten,Brittney,Casey,Casey's mom LeAnn and me) went to dinner. They gave a card that had a blue envelop but when opened the card a headband fell out of the card. It was really fun and a cute idea. I will have pictures later. But I thought I would thank Brittney, Casey and Trysten for sharing their happy news with us as grandmothers!!! Then we called Natasha and others to let them know the news.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008




Yes, we are suppose to find out today what Brittney is having. It looks like a tie on the voting that Natasha did on her blog. I guess we will see. They have names for either, so I don't think it matters but I think that several of us have our order in. Brittney is doing good and is feeling pretty good. I think that she has been so busy with Trysten and his broken leg that she hasn't had time to worry about her.
Yesterday, Trysten got his cast off. He is baby the leg but is doing good. They told Brittney to put a brace on him if he goes out to play for the next week but when he is a sleep or just hanging out at home he is ok to take it off. They just have to be careful for the next week. The doctor and us thought Trysten would flip out when they cut the cast off but no, he just sad there and watched. But when they had to X-ray it that is when he got upset. But for the most part he did great!
Well that is the update for now. Hope all is well for you all. We will announce what Brittney is having as soon as I know! Let's hope the baby will show off today!! Hee! Hee!

Monday, April 14, 2008

What are we hearing this week?

This week will be exciting for my family. On Wednesday, we will finally find out what Brittney is having. We are all excited about hearing. Brittney's doctor said that she is doing really well, that she is a good incubator for a baby. We all laughed. However her heart burn is not her friend right now.
As for an update on Trysten, he is finally walking on his cast. He looks like a pirate, you know the one legged type walk. He is so cute about it. But he still wants his mom around and not leaving him even in another room. He is real protective of her when we go to the doctor. He gets real nervous when the doctor wants Brittney to lay down. But all is well, in the next week we find out when he gets his cast off or what. But he is doing good!
Natasha came home to help her mom. My home computer died this weekend. So she came home to help me get some CD made for the brides that I need to sent too. I have done two weddings in the last three weeks. It has been stressful only because my computer died. I hope to get things up and running at home this week. I have a lot to do before the Clark Reunion in June. I don't think I will get everything done but I'm sure going to try. But I'm grateful that Natasha rescued her mom once more. She is good at that.
Well I'm sorry there is not pictures, but Natasha has some on her blog of what we did this weekend. We went to a reception, saw my cousin Charity's baby, he is really cute and it was fun to see her whole family. She even gave me pictures of all of her children. It was great to visit with her. I hope that more of my cousin Hint! Hint! and others will send me some pictures. I really need to get the Clark Album done for the reunion. I really want to do everybody but my goal is to do all the new babies in the last year. And other events. Like one our cousin's is walking in a walk-a-thon to raise money for autism. I think this is getting to be a real scarey illness. I have had met several people that has this in their families. I think that if we can we should support Nancy and Derlin Taylor's daughter and her family in this walk a thon. I have the link. This is Uncle Stephen's great grand son. He is such a cutie. Cameron is really a fun little guy. If you want the link just let me know. I will give it to you. I figure that if each person in the family will donate a little bit then it would be great! $5.00 or what ever you can do. I know that we are asked to do this kind of thing all the time but when it comes to family it is important to be there for each other. I think it would be great of any friends we have to help with this too. They didn't asked me to spread that word but I know that they would appreciate it. I will try and have Natasha put the link on mine or her blog and see if you can find it in your heart to help. The walk is on the 3rd of May.
I will try and get some pictures up for you soon. I am having troubles with my computer and it has been really hard to do anything with out my computer. I appreciate you sharing your blogs with me and your pictures. You don't know how fun this is for somebody who craves pictures and information.
Have a good week!!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hard few days!

A few days ago Trysten was playing really hard in my house. All the sudden we heard him yelling real hard. I picked him up and he was holding his foot. No tears but just yelling. Brittney held him for a while and then the tears started coming. He just hurt so bad. So we jumped in the car and took him to the doctor. Well to make a long story short, he broke his leg. It was just a weird accident. He was behind my chair so we could not see what really happened. So he is in a blue/red cast. It was hard for him and his parents for the last few days. They didn't put the cast on till last night. We just had to keep him playing and watching movies and other shows he liked. He was a trooper, but it was hard for him to understand why he couldn't walk and run. Maybe with the cast on it will give it support and he can at least move around so that he won't feel like he is in a cage. He will wear the cast for two weeks and then they will Xray it again and see how it is doing. It was c lose to the growth plate that they don't want to take any chances. So we are all helping keeping a two year old busy. But hopefully he will be happier to day when he is able to move around and can play with a few of his toys. I hope so and I know his parents hope so. But pray that his leg heals and that it is in good shape in two weeks. He is a good little guy and we are hoping for the best.