Saturday, October 31, 2009

Remembering my husband on his birthday, Remembering who made our land free...Halloween fun

Baylee being a fun little lion. She was so cute.
Cheerleaders, bands, drill teams and others preformed at the mini dome to remember those that made america free. It was really nice. dancing, music, flag and those that had fought in out wars.

The Bradley's came to visit with me. Can you believe in one family there was a missionary and a devil. Pretty cute huh?

This year it was fun with Trysten he is finally getting the idea of
Halloween. What a fun year with my grandchildren!!

Flowers on Phillip's grave. There were really nice.

On the 24th of Oct - it was my husband's birthday he would of been 51. Yes, after this long I still miss him. I wish people could know that you don't get over loosing a loved on you just learn to cope. He was a lover of people unconditioningly. He was really special to me because he loved me for who I was not for who I'm not. You do not find people like that very often.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another day and another dollar and more birthdays!!!

Sara Burrell with Santa
Caroline and her girls and granddaughter
The McDaniel family
Bruce and Caroline Hemming
McKenna is the one that is blonde and has a purple bucket
McKenna is sitting by Jim in the teal
Lindsay and her dad
Cute little family Lindsay
Jamison I can't believe how big he is getting!!!

I'm at work and I don't know if I have pictures of my birthday people but I will check. It has been a hard week. I hope that everyone that knows the Bruce Hemming family, the Alvin McDaniel family and the Sara Burrell family has kept them in their thoughts. Caroline's Hemming funeral was yesterday - and Alvin McDaniel's funeral is Friday. So the Hemmings have a lot going on this week.
Sara Burrell after a heart attack is home and doing pretty good. I think that she could just use our support and thoughts. It is hard to be home and not being able to do anything when you are use to taking care of others. Hang in there Sara.

Now we have a few birthdays - Jamison Johnson (great nephew) Mckenna Skinner (cousin) and Lindsay Cook (cousin) I hope they all have an awesome day!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

Yes, more birthdays. I love birthdays!!!!

Happy Birthday to a lady that I visit teaching Maja McMinn. I hope you have a great day!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A fun Baby Shower for Maria

Yesterday, my girls and I gave a friend of ours a baby shower. I went to school with her mother Sara Lasley Burrell. It was a interesting day. I got a message on facebook on Friday that let me know that Sara had a heart attack. It was hard to hear that. However, they did surgery and she is doing a lot better as of last night. So after we found out that she was doing good. We all decided to go a head and keep the baby shower going. There were about 20 people that came. It was really fun and I think Maria had a great time. She got a lot of fun things for her little girl that she is expecting in Jan 2010. We filmed the shower so that Sara would be able to see it and we also took a lot of pictures. It was really great!!!! Congratulations Maria!!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Worrying to much!!!!!

Then I got to work this morning and got a message from a friend of mine sister that my friend had a heart attack and had surgery this morning. I tell you this week has been hard. Sara is in ICU but is doing pretty good.

I tell you this has been a full week of bad news. I think that it great to see people pull together when thing are hard. But I think that we need to pull together all the time. Things should not just happen when things are rotten. But if we has people could remember that it would make life so much better. Any way this week, we got the word that my cousin Bruce Hemming's wife passed away from a brave fight of cancer. Caroline was a very talented lady and a wonderful person. After she passed away I got an email that her brother that lives in Idaho Falls passed away from a heart attack. Just a few days before all this one of Caroline's daughter's husband Trent Sandoval lost his grandmother. So they have a lot of funerals in the next few days. My thoughts are with the Bruce Hemming family and the McDaniel family and the Sandoval Family.

Thursday, October 22, 2009




Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We have a family that needs lots of prayers tonight. Keep the Hemmings in your prayers.

Caroline Hemming is having a hard time. It doesn't look good right now. So please keep Bruce Hemming family in your thoughts and prayers. I will hopefully update you as I know anything. There is a link from my blog to hers Please check it out. Take care The Bruce and Caroline Hemming Family. We love you!!!

More and More Birthdays!!!

happy birthday Cheyanne!!!!!

In my family and my husband's family it seems like October is a big month for birthdays. I hope that everyone has a great birthday and a great Halloween.