Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sherri's family

My cousin asked me to take her families pictures. So we meet at my cousin, Gary's house to take them. I had a blast doing it like I usually do. These are just a few of my favorites that I took. I hope you like them.

Last one I think!

More of Kevin and Jaclyn and G&G

cole and Kevin families

other families and grandchildren

There are a lot more. But I will see what I can do!

More pictures I hope you are having a nice show!

yes, more, we need to try and get the order done!

Yes Courtenay got her picture taken so that we can put her in. So please give us fed back. ok family!!!

More family pictures for Cole and those that need them!

This has been an exciting time for all!

It has been fun. After 40 years my parents have remodeled their bathroom. My mom finally got a bath in her master bedroom and my dad finally got a shower that you can turn around in. Their bathroom turned out really nice. It took to long to get done but it finally nice for them to have. I love the decoration over the bath tub, and the shower is really nice. They lost two closets out of this project but I think it was worth it.
Here are some more fun pictures of the children that we were with this holiday season. What is the holiday season without the laughter of children. I hope you all are having a great time with family and friends!